AGENTS VICThe Agents-in-Melbourne group was formed in 1998 to foster R&D collaboration between industry and research groups using intelligent software agents. Meetings were traditionally held on the last Friday of every month, with notice by email. As of May 2007, group communication has now moved to Google Groups. Currently the group has over 100 registered members and meets on the first Friday of every second month, alternating venues between RMIT University and the University of Melbourne.
Please contact the RMIT Agents group for further information or request membership to our google group if you wish to be involved.
2012 Speaker(s) Title Details
06/07/12 Wilson Wong (RMIT) Generating Natural, Coherent System Utterances using Question-Answer Pairs Mined from the Web program
Mohsen Songhori (UoM) Modelling New Product Development (NPD) Teams
04/05/12 Neil Yorke-Smith (American Unversity of Beirut and SRI International) Agent-Based Simulation of Negotiation in Maritime Customs program
Ryszard Kowalczyk and Bao Quoc Vo (Swinburne) Overview of Agents Research at Swinburne
02/03/12 Lin Padgham (RMIT) Overview of Agents Research at RMIT program
Adrian Pearce (UoM) Overview of Agents Research at U of Melbourne
2011 Speaker(s) Title Details
25/11/11 Minyi Li (Swinburne) Efficient Heuristic Approach to Dominance Testing in CP-nets program
30/9/11 Fabio Zambetta (RMIT) The Quest for an Automatic Game Master program
29/7/11 Jan Richter (Swinburne) Establishing Composite SLAs through Concurrent QoS Negotiation with Surplus Redistribution program
Daniel Macias (RMIT) Building Modular Knowledge Bases for Conversational Agents
27/5/11 Adrian Pearce (UoM) Making the Pilbara blend: agile mine scheduling through contingent planning program
25/3/11 Wojciech Lorkiewicz (Swinburne) Aligning the meaning of language symbols in a multiagent system program
Wilson Wong (RMIT) The Web as a Source of Knowledge for Open Domain Conversational Agents
2010 Speaker(s) Title Details
29/10/10 Sebastian Sardina (RMIT) Planning via Petri-net Unfolding: A novel technique for parallel planning program
27/08/10 Lito Cruz and Tim Miller (UoM) Research Presentations program
25/06/10 Raymond Chiong (UoM) and Mohan Baruwal Chhetri (Swinburne) Research Presentations program
30/04/10 Minyi Li (Swinburne) and Jens Pfau (UoM) Research Presentations program
26/02/10 Dhirendra Singh (RMIT) and Louis Liu (UoM) Research Presentations program
2009 Speaker(s) Title Details
20/11/09 Carole Adams (RMIT) and Jan Richter (Swinburne) Research Presentations program
25/09/09 Eduardo Gomes (Swinburne) and Golriz Rezaie (UoM) Research Presentations program
31/07/09 Rick Evertsz (AOS) and Peter Ross (DSTO) Research Presentations program
29/05/09 Michelle Blom (UoM) and Lavindra De Silva (RMIT) Research Presentations program
20/03/09 Minyi Li (Swinburne) and Wai Shiang Cheah (UoM) Research Presentations program
2008 Speaker(s) Title Details
12/12/08 Various Catch-up Meeting: Each group provided an update on current activities program
2007 Speaker(s) Title Details
29/11/07 Various and three guest speakers: Geoff James (CSIRO), Stephen Cranefield (University of Otago) and Simon Goss (DSTO). AGENTS-VIC Summer Workshop: A mix of presentations and discussions program
14/06/07 Various and two guest speakers: David Morley (SRI, International) and John Lloyd (ANU). AGENTS-VIC Winter Workshop: A mix of presentations and discussions program
2006 Speaker(s) Title Details
25/08/06 Ayodele Oluyomi (UofM) Agent Oriented Patterns abstract & meeting report & slides
28/07/06 Xuan Thang Nguyen Modeling and Solving QoS Composition Problem Using Fuzzy DisCSP abstracts
Jian Feng Zhang Agent-based Distributed Planning
30/06/06 (various: RMIT, Swinburne, UofM) Topics on Negotiation abstract & slides
26/05/06 Lin Padgham & Kuldar Taveter Report on AAMAS-06 conference in Hakodate, Japan abstract
28/04/06 Kuldar Taveter (The University of Melbourne) The DigitalFriend abstracts & slides
Bao Quoc Vo (RMIT University) Mechanism for specifying the external interface to composite and component services
Boris Wu (Swinburne University of Technology) Decentralized service enactment for the ASAPM project at CIAMAS
Jian Ying Zhang (Swinburne University of Technology) Adaptive Service Agreement and Process Management in Service Grid (ASAPM) and Adaptive Service Grid (ASG)
31/03/06 Swinburne, UoM, RMIT Agents-VIC Research Roundup abstract & slides
2005 Speaker(s) Title Details
25/11/05 Gregory Kersten, Concordia University Software agents' collaboration with negotiators: Results from experiments abstract, slides
28/10/05 Kuldar Taveter, UoM CSSE Agents and Model-Driven Architecture: First Steps abstract, slides
30/09/05 John Premjeet Page, Monash CSSE Securing Mobile Agent Communities abstract
26/08/05 (various) Reports from AAMAS 2005 and IJCAI 2005 abstract
24/06/05 Jakub Brzostowski, Swinburne CIAMAS On possibilistic case-based reasoning for selecting partners in multi-attribute negotiation abstract, slides
Xuan Thang Nguyen, Swinburne CIAMAS Integration of Web Services and Software Agents using WS2Jade abstract, slides
27/05/05 Liz Sonenberg, UoM-IS Designing artificial organisations: lessons from the other side abstract, slides
29/04/05 Glenn Jayaputera, Monash CSSE eHermes: The Dynamic MAS Generator abstract, slides
18/03/05 Steve Goschnick, UoM-IS Userfriendly Orchestration of Web Services using the DigitalFriend multiagent system (MAS) abstract & papers, slides
2004 Speaker(s) Title Details
26/11/04 Peter Braun, Swinburne CIAMAS Mobile Agents - Where are we heading? abstract, slides
29/10/04 Jim Odell Agent UML 2.0: Too radical or not radical enough? abstract, slides
24/09/04 Steven Versteeg, UoM CSSE A Computational Study of the Crayfish Escape Circuit abstract
27/08/04 Lin Padgham & Michael Winikoff, RMIT CSIT Prometheus and PDT abstracts & slides
Shanika Karunasekera & Leon Sterling, UoM CSSE ROADMAP and project experience
Brian Henderson-Sellers, UTS Agent-oriented methodologies - the value of method engineering
Ralph Rönnquist, AOS Agent engineering at AOS
30/07/04 (various) Reports from AAMAS 2004 abstract
25/06/04 Amy Unruh, UoM CSSE Managing Semantic Compensation in a Multi-Agent System abstract and papers, slides
28/05/04 Emma Norling, UoM CSSE Folk Psychology for Human Modelling: Extending the BDI Paradigm abstract, slides
Peter Wallis, Ramjet Software Intention without Representation abstract, slides
30/04/04 Ralph Rönnquist and Rick Evertsz, AOS Agent-oriented Human Behaviour Modelling abstract
26/03/04 Monash, Swinburne, UoM, RMIT Agents-VIC Research Roundup abstract & slides
2003 Speaker(s) Title Details
28/11/03 Sandy Dance, BMRC and Ian Mathieson, RMIT CSIT An Open Meteorological Alerting System: Issues and Solutions abstract, slides
31/10/03 David Shepherdson, AOS The JACK Usage Report abstract, slides
26/09/03 Shonali Krishnawamy, Monash CSSE Investigating Agent Mobility: Modelling, Architectures and Applications abstract
29/08/03 Binh Tran, RMIT CSIT Observations & Expectation Reasoning in Agent System abstract, slides
25/07/03 Michael Rovatsos, TU Munich Computational Interaction Frames abstract, slides
4/07/03 Frank Dignum, Utrecht University Towards Cognitive Agents: the use of 3APL abstract
30/05/03 Kenichi Yoshimura, RMIT CSIT An Infrastructure for Agent Collaboration in Open Environments abstract
2/05/03 (various) Agent research at RMIT & University of Melbourne abstract
2002 Speaker(s) Title Details
29/11/02 Wayne Wobcke, UNSW CSE Agent Dynamic Logic (ADL) and operational semantics for agent programming languages abstract
25/10/02 James Harland, RMIT CSIT Agents via Mixed mode Computation in Linear Logic abstract
27/09/02 Lin Padgham, RMIT CSIT Intelligent management of interacting goals within an agent abstract
30/08/02 Thomas Juan, UoM CSSE Assembling Agent Oriented Software Engineering Methodologies from Features abstract
26/07/02 Joshua Hutchison and Michael Winikoff, RMIT CSIT Flexibility and Robustness in Agent Interaction Protocols: paper from AAMAS, AgentCities workshop. abstract
28/06/02 Sandy Dance, BMRC Intelligent Agents in the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Sandy Dance and Malcolm Gorman abstract
31/05/02 Michael Schillo, DFKI A Critical Analysis of the Effects of Organization on Performance and Robustness of Multiagent Systems abstract
26/04/02 Colin Hales, Versalog The Road to The Cyber Factory abstract, slides
22/03/02 Dino Zanon, Parks Victoria Intelligent Agents in National Parks abstract, report
2001 Speaker(s) Title Details
30/11/01 David Poutakidis, RMIT CSIT Debugging Multi-Agent Systems using Design Artifacts: The case of interaction protocols. abstract, slides
26/10/01 Seng Wai Loke, RMIT CSIT A Scripting Language for Mobile Agent Applications abstract
31/8/01 Emma Norling, UoM Embodying the JACK Agent Architecture abstract
Andrew Lucas, AOS Popularising agent technology -
27/7/01 Omer Rana, Cardiff University Agent Based Resource Management in Computational Grids abstract
29/6/01 Leon Sterling, UoM-CS Report of the recent Autonomous Agents 2001 held in Montreal abstract
Simon Goss, DSTO Agents, Agency, and Simulation abstract
25/5/01 Michael Papasimeon and Clint Heinze, DSTO Extending the UML for Designing Jack Agents abstract, slides pdf or ppt, paper
27/4/01 Michael Winikoff, RMIT-CS Developing JACK agents using the JACK Development Environment abstract, slides
30/3/01 Wayne Wobke, UoM-IS Software Agents and the Future Communications Network abstract
23/2/01 Leon Sterling, UoM-CS coABS and DAML: the DARPA Agent Initiatives abstract
2000 Speaker(s) Title Details
24/11/00 Lin Padgham, RMIT-CS Representation of and reasoning about agent capabilities abstract, slides
27/10/00 Geoff Arnold, Sun Microsystems Multi-agent systems: research, standards and future directions abstract, slides
29/9/00 (various) Reports from PRICAI-2000 and sidefests abstract
Simon Goss, DSTO 360 Degree Apppraisal of an Agent Application abstract
25/8/00 - No meeting - RoboCup, PRICAI, etc. -
28/7/00 (various) Reports from ICMAS-2000 abstract, slides
Frank Dignum, Technical University of Eindhoven Issues in Agent Communication abstract, slides
30/6/00 Liz Sonenberg, UoM-IS Task Oriented Collaboration in Synthetic Environments abstract, slides
26/5/00 Klaus Fischer, DFKI-DMAS Holonic Multiagent Systems - Theory and Practice abstract, slides
28/4/00 Ryszard Kowalczyk, CMIS On Fuzzy e-Negotiation Agents: Autonomous negotiation with incomplete and imprecise information abstract, slides
31/3/00 Krystyna Doktor, Monash-EE/CSSE Modelling emotional effects on dialogue in a collaborative domain abstract
Lin Padgham, RMIT-CS PAC - a system for modelling agents with personality and cognition abstract, slides
25/2/00 Michael Papasimeon and Clinton Heinze, DSTO Specifying Requirements in a Multi-Agent System with Use Cases abstract, slides, paper
1999 Speaker(s) Title Details
26/11/99 Bob Kowalski, Imperial College Agent Architectures, Q & A abstract
25/11/99 Bob Kowalski, Imperial College From Logic Programming to Multi-Agent Systems abstract
18/11/99 Bob Kowalski, Imperial College Default Reasoning and Argumentation abstract
29/10/99 Ingrid Zuckerman, Monash-CSSE Predicting Users' Requests on the WWW abstract
Michael Coburn, AOS Using JACK Intelligent Agents to enable code reuse in Agent Systems abstract, slides
24/9/99 Michael Winikoff, RMIT-CS Dealing with conflicts and failure in multi-agent systems abstract, slides
Peter Wallis, SEA How to Market Agentware:  Software Engineering Australia's model for Rapid Technology Deployment abstract
9/9/99 Frank Dignum, Technical University of Eindhoven Deliberative normative agents abstract, slides
1/9/99 Hiroaki Kitano, RoboCup/Sony The Vision of RoboCup abstract
27/8/99 (various) Reports from AgentsWorld and RoboCup'99 abstract
30/7/99 Leon Sterling, UoM-CS Information Agent Update abstract
25/6/99 Michael Georgeff and David Morley, AAII dMARS, Agentis and deimos abstract, slides
28/5/99 David Morley, AAII Agents, Action and Environments abstract, slides
30/4/99 Air Operations Division, DSTO Agent Leveraged Modelling in Air Operations Division of DSTO abstract
9/4/99 Rainer Unland, University of Essen A coordination and cooperation model for internet-based multi-agent systems abstract
26/3/99 (various) Agent-based Software Engineering Workshop #2 abstract
26/2/99 Dhirendra Singh, RMIT-CSE/CS A Simulator for debugging and testing gameplaying behaviours in Robocup robots abstract, slides
Van Anh Bui, RMIT-CS Intelligent Trading Agents abstract, slides
1998 Speaker(s) Title Details
11/12/98 Mikhail Prokopenko, CMIS Designing and Modelling Situated Agents Systematically: Cyberoos'98 abstract, slides
30/10/98 Manuela Veloso, CMU-CS Planning and Learning for Teams of Autonomous Agents in Dynamic Environments abstract
28/9/98 (various) Agent-based Software Engineering Workshop #1 -
28/8/98 Ralph Rönnquist, AOS Practical agent programming using JACK Java Agents abstract
Paolo Busetta, UoM-CS A resilient BDI architecture for multi-agent systems abstract
31/7/98 (various) Reports from AgentsWorld and RoboCup'98 notes
Leon Sterling, MU-CSSE An Agent-based Software Engineering Resource: DIST grant application abstract
26/6/98 Rajiv Khosla, LTU-CSSE Intelligent Multi-Agent Hybrid Systems abstract
29/5/98 Leon Sterling, MU-CSSE Information Agents research at MU-CSSE -
24/4/98 Pierre Marcenac, U. La Reunion, France Multiagent systems and complex systems simulation: Why and how? abstract